About Protech Power

Protech Power is an Australian owned and operated company, established in Queensland in 1996. We employ specialist staff with the focus on providing a broad knowledge base that covers an extensive range of electrical infrastructure.

Our Guiding Principles

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Protech strives for professional integrity in our work, with our clients, and our competitors.

We believe in demonstrating leadership through action and by maintaining a high standard of practice across all of our jobs.

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Protech believes in quality in our work outcomes and quality of staff.

We maintain a diverse, multi-skilled workforce that has the experience to offer all solutions to our clients with confidence.

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Adapt & Thrive

Since our beginning in 1996, Protech Power has always worked to adapt to our clients’ changing needs and the changing face of business in Australia.

This adaptability is what sets us apart.

Our clients are long-term

Since our beginning in 1996, we’ve fostered long-term client relationships. We understand that trust is a large part of our industry, and we aim to build and honour that trust with every job we do.

So when it comes to a problem, we remember the client, we remember the site and we tailor a quote with this in mind.


Returning Clients Make up 90% of our client base

What we do best

We Do It Right (The First Time)

We are all about quality:  In safety, in our relationships, in designing and pricing the job, and in achieving the outcome you need.

We Listen To Your Needs

We are here to make your job easier. To make your job easier, we listen 3 times as much as we speak. Try us … we are listening.

We Don't Sleep

We are capable, responsive, and dedicated. We are there when you want us there. And we stay until the outcome is achieved.

We Quote to The Problem

We do not quote just to win the job. Before we quote, we get to know the outcome you need and then quote and carry out the job to achieve the outcome efficiently.

We Don't Promise - We Do

We make sure you are always fully informed of the job’s progress with time, budget and outcome.

We Fix Other People's Mistakes

In our industry, a cheap fix can cause problems down the road. In fact, we often end up fixing work that was done at a lower price, shorter timeframe, or lower skill base.

Want to work with us?

We are continually looking for highly skilled people from all backgrounds to work for our service and engineering divisions.

Send your cover letter and resume to enquiries@protech-power.com