HV & LV Services

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Commercial HV and LV Maintenance | Testing | Commissioning

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Full Scope Service

Protech Power is a full scope electrical service provider. We offer a comprehensive range of services including design, project management, construction, installation, commissioning, auditing, shutdown management, scheduled maintenance plans, and routine maintenance including testing.

Our technicians and operations managers all specialise in high voltage systems. They are electrically trained and industry educated on all aspects of power generation, transmission, protection and engineering, with regular accreditation and training facilitated by us.

When it comes to maintenance and potential issues, delaying can cause major safety hazards and downtime.


Book it in before it becomes a problem.

Our HV & LV Services

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Transformers & Generators

  • Installation.
  • Routine inspections & maintenance.
  • Overhaul and refurbishment.
  • Oil filtration online/offline.
  • Condition monitoring and oil sampling.
  • Oven drying of transformer cores.
  • Internal inspection and fault repairs.
  • Tap changer maintenance.
  • Retro filling with environmentally- friendly oil.
  • Programmed maintenance.
  • Gasket replacement.
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  • HV & LV cable fault location & spiking.
  • HV & LV cable joining, splicing & terminating to equipment.
  • HV & LV cable testing.
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General Services

  • HV & LV switching.
  • 24/7 callouts and breakdown.
  • SF6 gas equipment contained leak repairs, handling, and analysis.
  • Earth grid installation & testing.
  • Partial discharge testing.
  • HV & LV equipment moving: parts cleaning & lubrication.
  • HV & LV HV PPE equipment testing
  • Switchboard design, installation, and testing.
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Maintenance & Servicing

  • HV & LV substation installation/maintenance/service.
  • HV & LV switchboard installation/maintenance/service.
  • HV & LV circuit breaker installation/maintenance/service.
  • HV & LV equipment protection devices primary or secondary testing.
  • HV & LV equipment (Surge arrestors, CVTs, VTs, ABS’s, insulators) installation/maintenance/service.
  • HV & LV motors installation/maintenance/service.